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Lyrics reproduced and modified by kind permission of

 in absentia (2002) (European 2CD edition: 2003)

recordings (2001)

Lightbulb Sun Israeli edition (2001)

lightbulb sun (2000)

stupid dream (1999)

coma divine (1997)(live album)

signify (1996)         

the sky moves sideway (1995)

up the downstair (1993)  

  on the Sunday of life (1991)



EPs / Singles

voyage 34 (1992) - Phases 1&2

voyage 34 remixes (1993) Phase 3/4

staircaseinfinities (1994)

moonloop (1994)

waiting (1996)

piano lessons (1999)

stranger by the minute (1999)

pure narcotic (1999)

four chords that made a million (2000)

shesmovedon (2000)




Voyage 34 reissue (2000)

metanoia (2001)

stars die (2002)