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Special releases/Promos


  Tarquin's Seaweed Farm (1989)         

 Love Death and Mussolini (1990)  

 The Nostalgia Factory (1990)

 Spiral Circus - Live (1993)

 Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (1994)

 Spiral Circus - Live (1997)

 Insignificance (1997)

 Metanoia (1998)

Coma Divine II (1999)

20 minute CD single of further music from the March 1997 concerts in Rome. Given away free to information service subscribers only from 1999 onwards.
  1. Up the Downstair (7.47)
  2. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder / Always Never (11.09)

 Stars Die - Rare and Unreleased (1999)

Phantoms (Internet only release) (1999)

Phantoms (3.16)

An out-take from "Up the Downstair" recorded in 1992. All instruments and vocals by SW. Music - SW / Lyrics - Alan Duffy

 Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (2000)

 Tonefloating : The Use of Ashes vs Steven Wilson (2000)

 Transmission IV (2001)





  Radioactive EP

1996 - Waiting
(C+S 3 track radio promo CD)

C+S pressed a few hundred copies of this three track CD single to promote their subsequently withdrawn release of the "Signify" album. The third track is taken from the "Staircase Infinities" mini album.
  1. Waiting - Phase One (4.27)
  2. Waiting - Phase Two (6.19)
  3. Rainy Taxi (6.45)
Waiting - Phase One is billed as a "Radio Version", but is in fact identical to the album version.

  1. Stars Die
  2. Radioactive Toy
  3. Disappear
  4. Signify

A CD EP given away with the June 2001 issue of Greek music magazine Non+Pok, this was intended as a sampler from the forthcoming "Stars Die - Delerium Years" compilation. However, the title of the EP is erroneous since "Disappear" is taken from the KScope/Snapper release "Recordings". The band had little input into the selection or tracks or artwork (which is mostly taken from the inside of the Signify CD booklet).

 porcupine tree sampler 2002.3

porcupine tree sampler 2002.2

porcupine tree sampler 2002.1