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Tonefloating : The Use of Ashes vs Steven Wilson (2000)


Split seven inch single pressed on orange and blue vinyl. Given away to people attending the Use of Ashes / Steven Wilson acoustic concert in Delft, Holland on Feb 27th 2000. About 200 copies in existence.

The SW side of the single features a demo recorded in July 1999 of a song written for (but not recorded by) Porcupine Tree.

A/ The Use of Ashes - Rainbird (demo)
B/ Steven Wilson - Cure For Optimism (edit) (3.58)



 Transmission IV (2001)

 This fourth and final Transmission PT information service release (only available to subscribers) contains a complete improvisation from 1994, part of which was used as the basis for The Sky Moves Sideways era track "Moonloop".

  1. Moonloop (unedited improvisation) (40.07)