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The sky moves sideway


  1. The sky moves sideway Phase One (18.43)
  2. Dislocated Day (5.23)
  3. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder (5.50)
  4. Prepare yourself (1.54)
  5. Moonloop (17.04)
  6. The sky moves sideways Phase Two (16.46)


    The sky moves sideway Phase One

    Written by Steven Wilson

    We lost the skyline
    We stepped right off the map
    Drifted in to blank space
    And let the clocks relapse

    We laughed the rain down
    Slow burn on the lawn
    Ghosts across the lawn
    Swallowed up the storm

    Sometimes I feel like a fist
    Sometimes I am the colour of air
    Sometimes it's only afterwards
    I find that I'm not there

    In the dream dusk
    We walked beside the lake
    We watched the sky move sideways
    And heard the evening break

    Dislocated Day

    Written by Steven Wilson

    A dislocated day
    Peers in to the ether
    Counts the stars inside the sky
    And flies in to the never

    Looped around my eyelids
    A thousand shining flecks
    Pale against the canvas
    Which hangs around my neck

    Dislocated day
    I will find a way
    To make you say
    The name of your forgiver

    Stood beside an inlet
    A starfish leads a dance
    It dreams it is a human
    And falls into a trance

    A hole inside my body
    Is wired up to a charge
    Chemical imbalance
    Tells me who you are

    Insects hide the silence
    November brings deep rain
    Between the flow to freezing
    And yesterday's sustain

    The Moon Touches Your Shoulder

    Written by Steven Wilson

    Springtime is over
    Don't head for home
    Creep up the ladder
    And steal over stone

    No time to forget this
    World's in your eyes
    Sway in the cloud blur
    And light up the sky

    Cast off the colour
    And tune in to black
    The moon touches your shoulder
    And brings the day back




    Written by Steven Wilson




    Written by Edwards, Edwin, Maitland and Wilson


    The sky moves sideways Phase Two

    Written by Steven Wilson